Huh? What's this all about?

A small team of volunteers is putting together a community-oriented website to provide resources to programmers working with Google Maps.

Who are you, anyway?

Just your everyday Google Maps enthusiast, and the lead member on the team (i.e. the poor chap stuck with all the work).

Why are you doing this?

The technology is taking off. We want to help incubate it

What's Google think of it?

We're not not associated with Google in any way, except that we use their product and think its cool. Hopefully they think its cool that a community is growing around it.

What about the other websites out there?

We love the other Google Maps fansites. Some of their owners are even deciding to come on board to pool our efforts. We hope the rest of them will continue to grow and help foster the community, and we'll certainly be linking to them.

We're not trying to replace the Google-Maps-API group, or the official Google website.

What will you offer?

For starters...

...after that...

...and hopefully not far down the road

Cool! How soon?

Volunteers are working around the clock, starving ourselves and fending off RSI, to get at least something up and running as soon as superhumanly possible. If you want to help out, come on board!